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Geotextile Membrane
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Geotex Construction

"Revolutionising the construction industry with Geotechnical engineering"

Here at Geotex Construction we provide and install Synthetic Shutter Systems that take advantage of uneven terrain. These innovative systems provide a range of different services that benefit and modernise construction. These services include...

Soil Reinforcement Soil Reinforcement
Ground Reinforcement Ground Reinforcement
Reinforced Earth Reinforced Earth
Retaining Walls Retaining Walls
Reinforced Slopes Reinforced Slopes
Soil Reinforcement


Reinforced Earth  
Why Choose Geotex?
"Providing considerable environmental gain and serious savings in price and time."

Here at Geotex our synthetic shutter systems reinforce the soil in varied and difficult terrains in order to make these terrains fit for construction. Therefore, our innovative and affordable synthetic shutter systems have revolutionised the construction and development industry as suddenly varied and difficult terrain is now fit for construction and development.



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